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New Photographs Added

Although blog entries are temporarily on hold as I work to complete Barbara’s biography, I did not want the anniversary of her passing to go by without some sort of tribute.  Please enjoy the film stills, portraits, and lobby card below, all newly added to the galleries.

Barbara La Marr (July 28, 1896 – January 30, 1926)

White Moth post card

The White Moth (1924)

Barbara and Wallace MacDonald+in+Thy+Name+is+Woman+on+donkey

With Wallace MacDonald in Thy Name Is Woman (1924)

In her Whitley Heights home, circa early spring 1924

Arabian Love Herschel Mayall and John Gilbert

With Herschel Mayall (center) and John Gilbert in Arabian Love (1922)

In one of her costumes from Trifling Women (1922)

Souls for Sale (1923) (Barbara is in the center.)


Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Barbara pic by Witzel

Barbara headshot


Blog Entries Will Return…

As I complete my Barbara La Marr biography (refer to the Book Updates section for more information), blog entries are temporarily on hold.  Rest assured, however, that they will be back!  Many exciting things are happening behind the scenes and there is much I am looking forward to sharing (including many more images of the lovely and talented Miss La Marr).

For now, I leave you with the striking portraiture of Herold Rodney Eaton Phyfe (better known as Hal Phyfe).  Phyfe utilized his background in sculpting and painting to produce sketches for magazines and film studios throughout the 1920s.  His renderings, often done in pastels, melded his dramatic flair with his ability to capture the subtle intricacies of his subjects’ personas.  “If the eyes have ‘it’,” he believed, “everything else will be forgotten in their vivid, compelling attraction.  Eyes create individuality, they are the spokesman for the soul, the character, the mind.”

An image of Barbara from a promotional brochure for her 1924 film Sandra.

An image of Barbara from a promotional brochure for her 1924 film Sandra.

Photoplay cover featuring Barbara, January 1924.


“If the eyes have ‘it’,”: Shields, David S., “Hal Phyfe,”